Even though I personally consider Windows Mobile devices superior to iPhones in almost every aspect except design, the huge reach of the latter has led to a huge plethora of peripherals being developed for the iPhone connector.

The folks at WebNetta’s have figured out a way to connect a T-Mobile G1 device to iPhone chargers and audio peripherals – while I am not sure if the ExtUSB pinout of the G1 is 100% similar to the one found on our Windows Mobile boxen, I am pretty sure that there should be no differences.

If anyone of you has spare iPhone/iPod stuff laying around and isn’t afraid of a bit of soldering, hit the link above for the full scoop!


As I recently was on the verge of hardresetting my rx4240 as it refused to connect to my PC, I think that sharing the following bit of info could save a lot of grief!

Cutting a long story short: Microsoft’s firewall is the one to blame. If all exceptions are blocked via the “no exceptions” checkbox, ActiveSync will recognize devices but will not be able to connect/sync.

The workaround is simple but dangerous – allow exceptions in the firewall settings.


Avid TamsWMS readers will probably still recall the finding of a strange bug in Windows Mobile 6.1 – it rears its ugly face by slowly but surely corrupting email accounts, leaving users unable to send (but not to receive) email.

Microsoft has now officially acknowledged the issue, and assigned it the KB-ID 958639. As of now, nobody knows if a permanent fix will arrive – the Redmond-based boys currently suggest that affected customers should delete and remake the account:

To work around this behavior and to restore full e-mail functionality, you must delete the existing e-mail account and then set up the e-mail account again.

For more information about how to set up an e-mail account, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/help/email/send-receive-email.mspx (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/help/email/send-receive-email.mspx)
Important All the e-mail messages in the Outbox folder on the Windows Mobile 6.1-based device are erased when you delete the existing e-mail account. You must re-create these e-mail messages after you set up the e-mail account again.

Note This workaround is only a temporary solution. Until a resolution becomes available, this behavior may reoccur for the new e-mail account.

The reasons for the bug are vaguely stated as following – maybe a small program that overwrites the account settings could help:

This behavior is associated with a feature that is introduced in Windows Mobile 6.1. The feature allows for mobile operators to specify an alternate SMTP server name that is used if e-mail messages cannot be sent by using the user-specified SMTP server name. If the mobile operator does not specify an alternate SMTP server name and if the Windows Mobile 6.1-based device does not connect, the e-mail account is corrupted and cannot send e-mail messages.

Further information can be had in the Knowledge Base…


Desktop Windows users have played the Registry Tweaking game ever since Windows 95 tried to replace the plethora of .ini files with a single, central settings database called Registry. As Windows Mobile is based on Windows 95/NT4 to some extent, it has a registry too.

Chris De Herrera’s famous PocketPCFAQ has now gathered information on interesting registry keys that can be changed on a Windows Mobile device – if you feel like some Registry tweaking, hit the link below for further info:

P.S. If you haven’t tried Resco Explorer so far, do so now. It contains an extremely useful registry editor plug-in…


The QTek 8500 definitely isn’t a cutting edge WMS anymore. Its manufacturer HTC devised the box as a RAZR-killer, built millions of them and couldn’t sell them at the original, insane list price. The device eventually cost about 100€ OTC…which motivated hackers to develop and deploy literally hundreds of custom ROM’s.

HTC never intended to update the WM 5 device to WM6 or even WM 6.1: but the boys at xda-developers actually managed to create WM 6.1 ROMs before the box actually hit the road. Now that the dust has settled, reliable WM 6 and WM 6.1 ROMs are available. I decided to take a WM 6.1 Standard one created by erofich for a test drive.

The installation instructions have been covered in our Windows Mobile 6 for QTek 8500 post – the installation of WM 6.1 goes along the same lines.

WM 6.1 works very well on the device – here is a shot showing the operating system in action:
0a Windows Mobile 6.1 for QTek 8500

Unfortunately, the amount of free memory on the device is very low (much lower than on other ROM’s). If you can live with about 14MB of storage and 30MB of RAM (I can), you can update without worries:
1a Windows Mobile 6.1 for QTek 8500 1b Windows Mobile 6.1 for QTek 8500

The new features definitely make your life easier – threaded SMS, the new home screen and the improved Internet Explorer really save time. Small improvements like Cut&Paste close the feature gap between touchscreened and touchscreenless phones.

In the end, WM 6.1 works very well. While the lack of memory and the somewhat slow-ish OMAP CPU can’t be compensated with a ROM update, Erofich’s ROM definitely prolongs the life of HTC’s flip phones…


The single most-visible change in WM 6.1 for Smartphone (WM 6.1 Standard) is the new home screen dubbed “sliding panel”.
0 WM 6.1 Sliding Panel home screen   taken apart

Its developer Jorge Peraza now hit the Windows Mobile Team blog with a detailed description of how the system configures itself via a bunch of XML files.

People wanting to tweak their device’s home screen beyond what the included tools can do should definitely give this text a short read…


Windows Mobile 6 introduced scroll bars to some core OS applications – in case anyone of you feels like getting rid of them, use the following registry keys:

Go to HKLM/System/GWE and change the following values


In case you don’t want to totally remove the scroll bars, but thin them out a bit, you can set these values:

cxVScr=3 (original 6)
cyHScr=3 (original 6)

via allShadow.com


The QTEK 8500 may not be the best Windows Mobile Smartphone on the market – others have stronger processors and more memory. However, the machine is available for cheap(100€) and is very small…if it had a little more memory and WM6, it would be a cutting-edge flip phone. Read on to update your QTEK 8500 to Windows Mobile 6(and get 23MB of free storage memory)!

First of all, here are a few photos proving my claims. The phone on the left runs WM6, the one on the right is still on Windows Mobile 5(click for bigger versions):
Home screen
DSC04088 Windows Mobile 6 for QTEK 8500
DSC04089 Windows Mobile 6 for QTEK 8500
OS version, storage size
DSC04090 Windows Mobile 6 for QTEK 8500
RAM size
DSC04091 Windows Mobile 6 for QTEK 8500

The update process essentially runs in three steps. First of all, connect your phone to your PC and run SDAUnlocker, which will unlock your phone.

After that, a slightly weird process called CID unlocking awaits you. Download version itsutilsbin-20070705 of the tools, and do the following(more news here):

1. Get itsutils: http://www.xs4all.nl/~itsme/projects/xda/tools.html
2. Run pdocread.exe with no args. Take a note of the “uniqueid” value.
3. Run “pdocread -n 1 0×000000 0×10000 -b 0×4000 original-bdk1.nb” – you’ll get a file.
4. Head over to http://www.spv-developers.com/strtrkCID/. Feed it the DOCID and the file you got from steps 2 and 3. It’ll give you back anoter file.
5. Run “pdocwrite -n 1 patchedfile.bin 0×000000 0×10000 -b 0×4000″ where patchedfile.bin is obviously to be replaced with the patched file you got from step 4.

Once this is done, you are ready to go. Get a firmware update of choice from this xda-developers thread(I used one from here), unpack it and run the flasher. Once the flashing process is done, you are ready to go!

A big thank-you goes out to Franz Lax for providing us with a second QTEK 8500 for experimentation!

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