Dear Readers,
First of all, please accept my heartfelt apologies for the long delay in announcing this step – it has been a difficult decision for the management, and rest assured that we have not taken it lightly.

However, due to the development of the mobile market (and our constrained resources), we have made the decision to cease updating TamsWMS. Instead of that, updates about this platform will, from now on, form part of the generic mobile industry coverage provided on all remaining sites of the Tamoggemon Content Network.

Of course, we will not close the blog down. All of its content remains available right where it is – the only difference is that, from now on, updates will no longer be published here.

We would, however, be honoured to serve at any of the following web sites. From now on, we will once again provide you with updates daily:

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Long-term followers of this blog are likely to know PackT – the innovative UK-based publisher has thrown out a huge amount of interesting books in the last few years.

Having reached a thousand tomes, PackT has now sent out the following and highly attractive offer:

Packt Publishing has come a long way since it published its first book in 2004, and is now one of the leading technical publishers, renowned among developers for its focused and practical books on a wide range of tools and technologies.

Packt has just published its 1000th book. You are invited to join us in celebrating this milestone with a gift. Access our library, PacktLib, for free for a week, and choose any of our eBooks to download and keep.

To make use of this offer, you simply need to go to and log into your account, or register for an account, between the 28th and 30th September.
At Packt, we really appreciate your support in helping us get this far, and hope that you will continue to enjoy our range of books.

Not much to add here except that we congratulate whole-heartedly…


Usually, the folks at iFixit’s tend to tear down cell phones.

When the Apple A6 came out, they changed their program and take their readers on a trip into a semiconductor analysis lab. This is quite interesting to see, and makes a worthwile read for every electronics head – even if he profusely dislikes the iPhone 5.

As quite a few rumors pointing to a quad core processor are around, it is a nice touch to see iFixit debunk that:

* Delving deeper into the center of the A6, we find dual ARM cores and three PowerVR graphics cores!

In addition to that, Apple seems to reduce their technical exposure to Samsung:

* During the iPhone 5 teardown, we referenced the B8164B3PM label we found on the A6 processor, which denoted 1GB of Elpida LP DDR2 SDRAM. The die mark and photo (shown in the A6 teardown) confirmed the strong hunch that the A6′s 1GB LP DDR2 SDRAM is provided by Elpida.

Find a bunch of images here:


So far, SMS spam has been a specialty of Austria and Germany – however, it looks like the folks now start to hit the UK.

Dynamoo brings us the following text:

Hi, we think you may be entitled to compensation of up to £3500 from missold PPI on a credit card or loan.
Reply PPI for more info
Reply STOP to opt out

As of this writing, it is not known how they monetize the “victims”.

Hit the link above to find out how to report it to your carrier – of course, the delete key is invented.


Long-term followers of this blog probably know that I have an eye on the Apps on TV market for quite some time – even though there have not been any large successes so far, this definitely is a future field of growth. This sentiment was shared by the organizers of the JSDay conference, who invited me for a talk.

For all those of you who could not attend, the video has now been released:

Apps on TV – Tam Hanna from GrUSP on Vimeo.

Not much to add here – are you interested in Apps on TV?


One of the things which truly make me happy every day are the long-term readers of this blog network – even though we currently go through troubled times, expect a lot of positive changes very soon.

Phil Drummond, one of our long-term readers, has now sent in a question why we no longer break down the top lists provided to us by Krusell – in the past, we had these nice pie charts showing the distribution.

Sadly, this no longer makes sense – blame Apple. The Cupertinians, having but two or three products in the market at any given time, would usually end up with but one slot in the pie.

Visually, this would be totally misleading as the iPhone tends to outsell most if not all “individual” Android devices and would thus need a significantly larger part of the pie to make the chart proportional once again.

With that, I hope to have answered that question – stay tuned!


When companies like the mobile advertising pioneer Smaato showed off their product at long-forgotten Symbian Smartphone Shows, the average pundit did not expect ads to become a significant part of the financing of mobile applications.

However, the situation has changed and the voice of the market has spoken. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that the long-running “Cannes lion” advertising festival now has a category of its own for all things related to mobile:
cannes mobile lions Mobile advertising now part of Cannes lion competition

Not much to add here…


Dear Readers,
this one is mainly for German speaking readers of this blog – I have completed the conversion of my talk at the Mobile Developer Conference.

if you want to relive it, the video is below:

In addition to this, use the following URLs to get the code samples and slide deck:


Dear Readers,
I am unhappy to inform you that we have had a minor break-in into our systems – an attacker of unknown provinience exploited the software used to host the Tamoggemon Content Network, as to insert content to “spam” the Google search engine with ads for his own products.

As this was a purely Google-targeted attack, no post data was damaged and no user data was stolen. We have been able to remove the hack fully from all sites already.

This disclosure is made only to satisfy our legal obligations. The following sites were affected:

  • TamsS60
  • TamsBlackBerry
  • TamsIJungle

Should you recognize any oddities, please let us know immediately!

With best regards
Tam Hanna / Jatinder Singh


This one goes out to all true Tam Hanna fans who happen to be in Germany in February – you can meet yours truly at the Mobile Developer Conference.
mdc europe Meet /me at Mobile Developer Conference

I will be speaking about data persistance on Windows Phone 7 – and most definitely, attendants can expect a few surprises!

Find out more via the URL below:


Looks like the times of CarrierIQ winning awards from agencies like FierceWireless will soon be over – now, the image of the Android OS itself is at stake.

The image below came from the main news broadcast of Austrias governmental TV Station ORF, and was followed up with a tirade stating that “mainly Android handsets are affected”:
orf carrierio Austrian governmental TV slanders Android as shit hits the fan for Carrier IQ

Even though the ranting of a governmental TV station can be ignored, the situation is now getting hot: as the US government investigates and RIM distances itself from the product, it most probably is but a question of time until we will see a situation similar to the Etisalat removal patch offered by RIM some time ago.

By the way: the software is not at all limited to Android. It also lives on Symbian, iOS and webOS, with Windows Mobile classic deployments rumored.


When Google first launched its TV service, LogiTech introduced the first-ever set-top-box for the platform named the Revue. Logically, everyone who was interested in Apps on TV jumped on it – sadly, the press didn’t like it too much.

Some three weeks ago, BroadbandTV reported the following:

Logitech’s Revue set-top box for Google TV was a ‘big mistake’, according to Guerrino De Luca, chairman and acting chief executive of Logitech

Fortunately, it now looks as we will get two new, far larger hardware vendors on board:

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are expected to launch Google TV next year. But only LG will show its models at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas.

Yoon Boo-keun, chief of Samsung’s TV division, said on Tuesday to the Korean press that the company is in final talks with Google about when to release the hot new gadget. “We will announce the launch date at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.”

Samsung already showed a prototype of Google TV at last year’s CES, but did not bring any sets to the market. …

With Microsoft increasing the ad pressure for its XBox all over Europe, we could be in for an interesting fight. What do you think?


This one is for all those of you who want to see the slides from my recent talks at the DroidCon in Amsterdam – attendants were treated to an update on Qt on Android and a little bit of info about Apps on TV and Google TV.

Both slide decks are available in PDF format below:
Qt on Android
Apps on TV

In addition, enjoy the videos below:


Christmas always involved sending out season’s greetings. Microsoft Austria has now performed a research checking how European citizens send and receive greetings.

When it comes to receiving greetings, users responded as following:

Venue Percentage
SMS 50%
Voice Call 48%
Post card 45%
E-Mail 23%
Social Networks 19%
Video chat 5%

For sending, data looked slightly different:

Venue Percentage
Post card 61%
Voice Call 52%
SMS 44%
E-Mail 26%
Social Networks 16%
Video chat 7%

How do you send your season’s greetings?

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