The situation for Windows Mobile seems to be more dangerous than initially anticipated – Microsoft apparently has no problem when it comes to cannibalizing Windows Mobile device sales with the Zune HD.

DaringFireball, a popular iPhone blog, reports the following:

After my post, I got an email from the developer of an iPhone Twitter client. He was contacted by Microsoft a few months ago, with an offer to port his app to the Zune in exchange for “a bucket of money”. He turned them down, but assumes, as I do, that Microsoft reached out to the developers of multiple popular iPhone apps.

Even though the boys at DaringFireball could theoretically be link baiting, this is unlikely as they have proven to be spot-on in the past and are not at all interested in spoiling their otherwise immaculate reputation. This means but one thing: Windows Mobile is in a worse rut than initially expected.

Think about the comparatively little effort Microsoft invested into Marketplace for Mobile, and compare that to the Zune. Plus, think about how device manufacturers/WM licensees feel about Microsoft’s hardware entering their turf?

Things will get very interesting soon…

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