So far, almost all leather cases were black. If a manufacturer chose to offer colored cases, you were still stuck to whatever few colors the designers saw fit… . Fortte plans to change this traditional cycle – instead, they offer a few styles and let you choose the rest. Olive leather, no belt clip? They do it. Want your name on the front? They do it. Sounds great – but can it stack up?

First of all, here are two shots that show the case in its full glory on my QTEK 8500 – I chose the pink color(classic: modern pink) from over 50 choices listed here:
0a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500 0b Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

Having never liked belt clips,. I eventually got accustomed to the screws in the backs of leather cases from other manufacturers. Fortte respected my feelings – and spared me from having to throw one away and carry a useless screw in my pocket:
1a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

The front of the case is excellently engineered – transparent foils protect the external screen and the keys in a very effective fashion. This is the first case that manages to neutralize the dreaded media buttons – well done:
2a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

The phone is held in the case via two foils that also act as screen protectors – the device can be used in the case as if it weren’t in the case:
3a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500 3b Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

Cutouts at the side allow you to access all essential features – the sync port cutout is a bit tight, but can always be expanded with a small pair of scissors:
4a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500 4b Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

A final thing to show how much Fortte thinks about its customers – the tower logo at the front is not obligatory. You can have it in black, gold, silver – or omit it entirely…
5a Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

In the end, I dare to say that my Fortte’s is the nicest case I have ever seen in my life. Its looks can be customized to exactly suit your linking(you can even have it engraved): you can choose from over 50 colors and various styles to create your perfect case. Usability-wise, the folks at Fortte also did an excellent job. The only weak point is the high price of the case – depending on configuration, you can be set back by up to 100$ when you’re finished with the configuration process…

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